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Since Grier is a boarding school for girls that values privacy, there is only one sign indicating the school's entrance. 因为这个原因, it is advised that visitors begin to slow down and prepare for the turn into the entrance just after they pass the small road sign for "Birmingham." The small village of Birmingham is adjacent to the school.

Turn left into the school driveway and climb the hill, following the directions indicated by signs for the admissions office. After you have gone around the front of the school, you will drive through a covered walkway which we call "The Colonnade.“就在这之后, turn and park the car with the front of the car facing the Ivy Court with its fountain in the middle.



  • 使用全球定位系统(GPS)

    If you use a GPS to find 新皇冠体育, an all-girls boarding school, input 宾夕法尼亚州伯明翰新皇冠体育路2522号 问路. This will bring you to one of our entrances, but we suggest you travel on Rt. 453 SOUTH for approximately 2 1/2 miles from 泰隆 to our driveway that has the sign pictured below.

  • 乘车:从北角出发 & 东

    从北面和东面,Rt. 220/I-99 and I-80 provide quite good connections. (纽约北部, 纽约, New Jersey) Travelers coming from New York, New Jersey and New England should drive WEST on I 80. Exit at Exit 161 near Bellefonte and follow Rt. 220/I-99向南到蒂龙,48号出口. 下了高速公路,跟着Rt. 向南走453英里,大约21又1/4英里 until you see the sign for The 新皇冠体育.

    Travelers from Philadelphia may follow the Pennsylvania Turnpike WEST to Exit 11 in Bedford. From there, follow I 99 NORTH to 泰隆 Exit 48. 一出99号公路,就跟着Rt走. 453 SOUTH for approximately 2 1/2 miles to The 新皇冠体育.

  • 乘车:从西点出发

    From points WEST, travelers may follow Rt. 22 EAST from Pittsburgh as it comes through the Allegheny Highland region of Pennsylvania. 遵循Rt. 22 EAST to the point where it intersects with I-99. 沿着99号公路北上,从蒂龙的48号出口出去. Travelers coming from Cleveland or the northern part of Ohio should follow I-80 EAST to exit 123 at Woodland. From there, follow Routes 322 EAST and 350 EAST, which connects to I 99 just north of 泰隆. 沿着I-99向南走到蒂龙的48号出口.

  • 乘车:从南点出发

    From points SOUTH, Interstate 99 comes all the way to 泰隆 , so there is uninterrupted interstate highway access from the major cities to the south of the school (Baltimore, MD, 华盛顿, DC, 和哥伦布, OH). 蒂龙出口是48号出口. 下了99号州际公路,跟着Rt走. 向南走453英里,大约21又1/4英里. 新皇冠体育的入口在左边.

  • 乘飞机

    • 大学公园机场 (预计), 服务超过280人,每年乘客总数为000人, has undergone a number of improvements over the past few years. The latest enhancements are the addition of an operating Airport Traffic Control Tower, a renovation to the airline terminal and expanded terminal parking. 除了, they continually look to improve commercial air service to complement the existing service of United Express, 三角形接法, 美国之鹰, 忠心的空气. This company connects hubs in the Southeast, Northeast, and Midwest. 这个机场离学校有30英里.
    • 阿尔图纳机场(AOO)由美国政府提供服务.S. Airways with numerous flights in and out each day, all of which connect through 华盛顿, Dulles. This airport is actually south of Altoona, located about 35 miles from Grier's campus.
    • Pittsburgh Airport (PIT) is about 2 1/2 hours (±) from Grier.
    • 华盛顿 Dulles Airport (IAD) is about 3 hours (±) from Grier.
    • Baltimore 华盛顿 Airport (BWI) is about 3 1/2 hours from Grier.
    • Philadelphia International Airport (PHI) is about 3 3/4 hours from Grier.

  • 乘火车

    Amtrak continues some service along the tracks that go through our valley. 火车停在蒂龙, 或者在阿尔图纳, but only in Altoona if the student is an unaccompanied minor.




黄色的出租车 & 转让公司,阿尔图纳
Nittany Express,州立大学


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阿尔图纳Enterprise rent - a - car
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